Kanbawza Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation has been offering the drilling of water tubes across Myanmar especially at the drought areas, on 10th March 2017 BFM successfully drilled second tube well of Kone Lone Monestry at Pinya City, Southern Shan State at the depth of 460' with 400 gallon per hour.

Our Mission

The mission of the Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation is to uplift the lives of the underdeveloped community members and to help alleviate poverty in the long run through its five pillars of social commitments:

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About KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation

KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation (BFM) is the social initiative arm of KBZ Bank and KBZ Group of Companies. To us, Corporate Social Responsibility does not end with making philanthropic donations but it extends to providing essential services for our people, providing jobs, paying taxes, committing to anti-corruption, organizational transparency, human rights, healthcare, safety and the protection of the environment.