KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation (BFM) is the social initiative arm of KBZ Bank and KBZ Group of Companies. To us, Corporate Social Responsibility does not end with making philanthropic donations but it extends to providing essential services for our people, providing jobs, paying taxes, committing to anti-corruption, organizational transparency, human rights, healthcare, safety and the protection of the environment. 

Our Values

Integrity: The board and employees of the foundation uphold the highest moral principles and moral uprightness whilst pushing forward the foundation’s mission. 

Commitment to Effectiveness:  The largest and most trusted philanthropic organization with the highest record for charity giving in the country. BFM will identify innovative and strategic approaches in creating self-sustainable communities and environment.  BFM partners with like-minded NGOs and INGOs to ensure effectiveness in our supply chains. 

Openness:  A catalyst with non-discriminating point of views for religion, gender and politics. The success of the foundation depends on seeking out and embracing the ideas and advices from the community. 

Integrity,Commitment to Effectiveness,Openness

since 2008

What We Do

The mission of Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation (BFM) is to uplift the lives of the underdeveloped community members at the grass-roots level and to alleviate poverty in the long run through its social initiative projects.  As the main financier of BFM, KB Bank has so far contributed over USD 114 million since the inception of the foundation since 2008. 


ဧဒင်မသန်စွမ်းသက်ငယ်များပြုစုရာရိပ်မြုံမှ ဦးဆောင်ကျင်းပသည့် ၂၀၁၈ခုနှစ် အပြည်ပြည် ဆိုင်ရာ မသန်စွမ်းသူများနေ့ အခမ်းအနားတွင် ကမ္ဘောဇအနာဂတ်အလင်းတန်းမြန်မာဖောင်ဒေးရှင်းမှ ပါဝင်ခဲ့


No. 615/1, Pyay Road, Kamaryut Township Yangon, Myanmar.

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