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Sponsorship Requirements for Media

1. Logo Requirements and usage
The KBZ Group logos (relevant to the sponsorship) must be present on your marketing/ media materials, social media sites, publishing materials and merchandise (e.g. T-shirts) as a sponsor before and during the event. You are not allowed to use our logo to sell your promotional items or promote your organization.

Our KBZ Brand Communications Department will provide you with our brand logos following approval of the sponsorship request.
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2. Photography and Content
In order to assist us with keeping record of the sponsorship, we kindly request that you provide 5 event pictures with high resolution and press release about the event.

Please email the documents to following departments;
Brand Communication Department :
Daw Zinmar Win - Creative Director (Email : zinmar.win@kbzbank.com.mm)
CSR Department :
Daw Yu Wai Maung - Manager (Email: yuwai.maung@kbzbank.com.mm)

3. Communication through Social Media Facebook
You can tag us on our following accounts with pictures and posts about your upcoming event and mention our sponsorship.
-KBZ Bank
-Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation
-Air KBZ
-Myanmar Airways International

4. Instagram
Please state if your event has a particular hashtag you are using

5. Event/Program Participation
At the discretion of the type of sponsorship, we require complementary tickets to the event and participation at the event as a keynote speaker, panel speaker or judging panel. Respective department heads from KBZ Bank /KBZ Group will be assigned to participate at the event.

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