Kanbawza BFM successfully drilled & donated the second tube well at Kone Lone Monestary in Southern Shan State

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March 11, 2017

Kanbawza Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation has been offering the drilling of water tubes across Myanmar especially at the drought areas facing a scarcity of drinking water, on 10th March 2017 BFM successfully drilled second tube well of Kone Lone Monestry at Pindaya City, Southern Shan State at the depth of 460' with 400 gallon per hour.

Pindaya city is mainly settled by Danu ethnics and since the area is facing a scarcity of drinking water in the summer, Kanbawza Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation offers the drilling of water tube. The foundation currently offer total of (17) drillings in Pindaya township and this is the eleventh successful water tube.

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With the huge efforts of the driller members based on their genuine intention, the tube well of Kone Lone monastery can now provide enough drinking water for the monks, nans, the buddhist pilgrims and villagers near the monastery.

Kanbawza Brighter Future Myanmar has been drilled total of 194 tubes well at the drought areas across Myanmar and out of them 147 were successfully drilled. Aside from current tube well, the foudnation is also drilling at Pha-Auk Tawya mastery in Kyauk Phyar Doe village, Pyin Oo Lwin District of Mandalay Region and, Loilin District Geneneral Hospital of Southern Shan State.