In a massive show of support for Myanmar’s peace process, KBZ Brighter Future Myanmar Foundation donated Kyat 3 billion (more than 2.2 million USD) to the National Reconciliation and Peace fund in response to their announcement of a dedicated donation bank account (account code: SF 004048) on January 11, 2017. The peace building process has been a top priority for many government and non-government organizations. KBZ BFM made this donation as a good corporate citizen in order to help move Myanmar one step closer to national peace and prosperity. Currently the Government, Tatmadaw and people of Myanmar are working hard together to make efforts to build national reconciliation and peace in the country.

Last year, KBZ BFM donated 1.4 billion to all 14 State and Regional government for reforming processes in the wake of a natural disaster. Furthermore, KBZ employees volunteered actively for fire regions northern Shan, Nansang and Irrawaddy states, supported clean water projects to provide pure water all around Myanmar, and Donated 205,000 hoodies worth more than US$ 2 million to keep warm the Myanmar ethnic people, old and young, and those displaced by civil conflicts.

KBZ BFM works to provide employment opportunities for disabled people and has a micro-finance project to alleviate poverty and support SME development. KBZ BFM is most known for helping Myanmar migrant workers return to their homeland.
BFM was founded in 2007 and has donated nearly kyat 114 billions since then for the benefit of Myanmar society. Daw Nang Lang Kham has served as president of BFM until today.